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Industrial Training Center:
Industrial Painting Training Courses and Blade Repair Training Course

Since the main problem we have faced over the years has been the lack of qualified personnel in the industrial field, we decided to set up the Industrial Training Center.

Employeesʹ certification by an Internationally accredited body is a high-impact hallmark that indicates signals progress and a continue willingness to invest in quality.

We rely on more than 20 years of experience in the industrial field, experience that has helped us identify the market needs and has always kept us connected to the newest technologies.

We wanted to expand the range of training, this being the reason why we founded this training centre, aiming to help all those who want to invest in education and therefore in quality.

Internationally Accredited Industrial Specific Courses

Over 20 years Experience in Industry

Are you working in the Industrial Environment and do you need an Internationally Accredited Industrial Course?

Professional Industrial Training Courses
that are Internationally Accredited...

...with Specialized Trainers: a Modern Training Center

Industrial Training Center


30 Octavian Goga Street, 107110, Bucov, Prahova, Romania



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